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Content management services for comprehensive communication with customers

Two types of content management service packages tailored to your needs



Businesses spend time and resources to approach, to reach and to keep their customers, not just for profit. Nothing is more satisfying than loyal and returning costumers.

On-site Content Management Service  allows you to  insert messages to your customers into the background music playlists, providing a valuable tool for communicating with customers. The Shakespeare Music content management team deals with two types of content management solutions offering an economical Basic Content Management Plan and an exclusive Premium Plan.

Basic Content Management Plan 


When a client doesn’t have the Shakespeare Music technical solution implemented, but wishes their music playlists to include other audio tracks (promotions, partner advertising material etc.), Shakespeare Music staff upload them onto the client’s playlists according to a given schedule. Such playlists can be streamed or downloaded required.

Premium Content Management Plan


Clients who decided to purchase the Shakespeare Music technical solution are provided with a complete Content Management Service package: Shakespeare Music staff plays and stops streaming audio material in our client’s commercial premises in accordance with a specified schedule, uploads the audio content desired by the client and promptly removes any unwanted content in the event of unexpected and extreme situations (e.g. when the promoted goods are sold out).

Low quality content is worse than no content 


Shakespeare Music manages four recording studios. Our team is made up of top-level music producers and sound engineers, offering first-rate services in the market from recording and production for advertisments to creating an exclusive audio track for a trademark, jingle, event or any other project. Our studios are equipped with the latest hi-end equipment allowing us to produce high quality created product. Audio content production services are offered only for Shakespeare Music clients who ordered Content Management Services from Shakespeare Music and cannot be ordered separately.

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